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Founder, IKIGAI

I grew up being very aware of the unseen energy around me. I was highly sensitive, intuitive, an empath and psychic. However, in my late teens I actively blocked this aspect of myself, and went on to focus on my career, brought up a family and lived my life with all its ups and downs. Although not always successful in blocking, I certainly had no intention of opening the door wider.

During my thirties despite my faith, family and friends, I felt there was something missing. I often had an overwhelming feeling of emptiness. Everything seemed lifeless, even the leaves on the trees seemed less green than when I was a child. Then in 2012 Divine intervention decided it was time for me to reopen the door and I was compelled to find answers. Since then my life has taken on a whole new dimension and a sense of revival.

I wish to share what I have learnt on my journey so that others may also find the joy in their lives or IKIGAI " A reason to live."

I am sincerely grateful for the incredible research done by others, the revelations of those who have been enlightened, the guidance of my teachers at The Open Pathway Retreat Centre and training College who's meditation techniques and teachings have been life changing, and to my reiki Master who has taught me the art of Reiki, giving me the opportunity to channel Divine healing energy to those unable to do it yet for themselves. But I am most grateful to my family and friends for their support and to my wonderful clients who have enriched my life immeasurably. 


Axford, Basingstoke, UK

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