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Macmillan Supportive Care/ Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

A Natural Way to Heal




Healing is about the mind body and spirit. All of my therapies focus on these aspects of Self in varying degree's and we will work together to discover what  your individual requirements's are at the time. No session with me is ever the same as your energy changes so will each session. We would arrange a video call before you book an appointment. This will enable you to ascertain whether you have a connection with me and also ensure I am the correct Counsellor/therapist/healer for you. If you feel drawn to IKIGAI therapy's site you will probably be searching for an avenue to not only release energy which no longer serves you, but to learn how to shift onto a new path promoting self belief, helping you to incorporate a journey of releasing physical, emotional or mental dis-ease within yourself and in time learning to visualise the possibility of wellness and positivity into your life and ultimately create it into BEING.


Treatment Options


Counselling ( online )

Introductory session - Up to 2 hours

In Person: £75 Online: £65

A Course of subsequent treatments booked in advance for a specific Physical, Mental or Emotional Condition £50.

A Complimentary initial facetime discussion advising you of how I work to ascertain whether  I am the right fit for you is advised. If you decide to proceed we arrange an appointment and I send an email outlining what to expect from the session.


This introductory appointment is a journey of discovery. I will meditate prior to our session and will receive information about you. This is usually a good starting point. We discuss this and I will begin to determine a little about you. I will then go through each of your chakras to pick up any physical issues or emotional Dis-ease within your energy centres I utilise a combination of intuition, energy healing and a form of MBIT ( Multipe Brain Integration Technique ) to help you get to the root of the problem and we work together to shift and release conditioning instilled deep in your core. Afterwards, you may feel we have achieved all you need and you are restored and positive, equally you may desire ongoing treatment. I usually suggest no more than 6 additional sessions. Any sessions after that I would hope would be nothing more than for enjoyment and a top up of the work you have started to integrate into your healing journey. I often suggest that at some point you Include a reiki session within one of your counselling sessions. This I feel is invaluable in helping you on your healing journey. I also provide some exercises for you to do on your own prior to the next session to help you shift certain patterns or suggest certain books for you to read if you wish to.

You do not have to be spiritual for the counselling I provide but it is helpful if you are open minded to certain concepts and consider that everything is energy, including our thoughts.

Please make me aware of any financial issues you may be having and I will try and take this into consideration

Treatment Options

Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Reiki Treatment

Usui Reiki

IN PERSON HEALING NOW AVAILABLE  in addition to the previously successful Distance / Online healing which is an interactive service on video call . See Distance Reiki details

I am a Reiki Master, However I am fundamentally an Energy healer working with Guides, Spirit and the vibrations within your 7 main Chakras ( Energy centres ) and unless specified by yourself that you just wish to just relax during the healing, which is effective in itself, I prefer to work with you during the session, releasing energy or shifting it.


Usui Reiki Distance Healing (Online) Zoom call

£ 45                        ( 45/60 mins )

£ 55              ( 90 mins/120 mins )

Prior to commencing the Distance Reiki I work through each chakra feeling for blockages, over activity, under activity or hopefully balance 🙏 I will communicate with you as I go through each chakra. I will also provided you with some music to listen to during the session. When this is  completed we will commence the Reiki. 


The extended session is for those looking for shifts and changes in their life that require a little more in depth understanding. I will meditate and link in with your energy prior to our session and evaluate what I am picking up. We will discuss anything I am feeling / seeing and will talk about what this may mean to you and potentially ways forward. If it is your first session with me I will also gift you a chakra healing meditation to help you learn to balance your own chakras between sessions.


Please ensure you have plenty of time and will not be disturbed. Everyone's experience with reiki is different, and I will explain clearly before we start what you may or may not feel. I can confirm that all my clients have said they come away relaxed, peaceful and positive with a general sense of well being.

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Spiritual Development (Online)

£45 - One hour minimum

or join my monthly online meditation/visualisationgroup sessions Enlightened Souls £7 Friday's / Monday's ( 6PM) Saturdays (11AM) 

Many of us are aware of the unseen energies around us and this can be unsettling. I have spent over a decade researching what, how and why? Let me guide you and help you to better understand what has taken me a lifetime to comprehend and feel comfortable with. I will help you to connect with your inner knowing and your guides through meditation, books, Self healing and discussion and guide you to others that may help you develop your specific intuitive skill set. ( Although I am medium this is a by product of my healing and meditation and I do not offer tuition in this area but can give you advise as to how to pursue this aspect for yourself in a safe enviroment )

Enlightened Soul Group

Healing Touch Therapy_1

Advanced Energy Analysis (Online)

£50  (60 mins )

We will assess each chakra together and I will help you to feel each centre as we work to shift blockages, calm any overactivity or activate any centres. We will then go on a visualisation journey together where I will help you to meditate and go on a healing journey in the realms of the subconcious connecting you to your higher self  (and helping you find and connect to your spirit guides if this is something you are interested in ). I will then provide you with a meditation specifically for your needs to listen to at home and continue to work on the healing and spiritual discovery for yourself. The meditation will lead you through each chakra and incorporate specific mantras for your particular needs of self love or healing and will help you to maintain your connection to your higher self and journey towards continued wellness and kindness to SELF.


Personalised audio chakra healing visualisation meditation


I have also started to download some on YouTUBE ( IKIGAI Therapy) but I have only just begun this so forgive the scarcity. I hope to provide short 15 min ones for each chakra 

I have added this as an option as many of my clients have asked whether they can keep a copy of the meditations we do together during healing sessions or I have simply gifted them to assist them in the continuation of their healing process. This allows you an opportunity to have a healing visualisation or meditation with me and then maintain that healing experience when you wish to or need to without the time and expense of Reiki/energy healing session.

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I grew up very aware of the unseen energy around me. I was like many young children highly sensitive, intuitive, an empath psychic and saw spirit. However, in my late teens I actively blocked this aspect of myself. I focused on my career, brought up a family and lived my life with all its ups and downs. Although not always successful in blocking, I certainly had no intention of opening the door wider to things that others didn't believe in or understand and I felt uncomfortable with. 

During my thirties despite my faith, family and friends, I felt there was something missing. I often had an overwhelming feeling of emptiness and sadness. Everything seemed lifeless, even the leaves on the trees seemed less green than when I was a child. Then in 2012 Divine intervention decided it was time for me to reopen the door and I was compelled to find answers about not only why I was feeling and seeing and knowing things I apparently shouldn't But Who? What? Why? was the Universe? God ? and pretty much every thing. What was life about? There had to be more to this ! Since then my life, outlook, relationships and health took on a whole new dimension and a sense of revival.​ I was sent many challenges and a liitle sprinkling of the magical to keep me on track each one brought me closer to the answers I was seeking. I was then diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and saw this as an opportunity to put into practise some of what I had learnt in addition to using the healing of Reiki and what I have come to understand as MBIT. A sequence of events occurred during this time which culminated in my final doctors appointment at the hospital to discuss the medication I would need. Something I had already decided I would not be doing. I went to the appointment with a handful of positive thoughts and a vision of health. I sat there for about forty minutes undergoing various tests and then the doctor announced that I did not have Rheumatoid Arthritis. So did they make a mistake ? Or did I heal myself during that 5 month lead up to the appointment with everything I had learnt from Brandon Bays, Joe Dispenza and the like and from the meditation and self healing work I undertook in earnest to release the anger in my body? Who knows. But I am grateful for not only the fact that I now bounce out of bed in the mornings rather than hobble around for half an hour to warm up my joints and I can sit in the cinema and watch a movie without being in pain but more importantly I no longer have the anger inside me that was once there and the triggers that alerted me to this anger are merely a reminder of what no longer serves me so which ever way you look it, I am very grateful that I had the diagnosis of this serious condition, allowing me to experience the Journey of healing first hand.

I wish to share what I have learnt on my path so that others may also find the joy in their lives or IKIGAI " A reason to live."

I am sincerely grateful for the incredible research done by others, the revelations of those who have been enlightened, the guidance of my teachers at The Open Pathway Retreat Centre and training College who's meditation techniques and teachings have been life changing, and to my reiki Master who has taught me the art of Reiki, giving me the opportunity to channel Divine healing energy to those unable to do it yet for themselves. But I am most grateful to my family and friends for their support and to my wonderful clients who have enriched my life immeasurably. 


Client Reviews







For reasons of privacy Some clients have requested not to have their surnames mentioned.

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I warmed and connected to Nicola immediately. I was guided to her and now I know why. She has helped me make sense of so much that is happening in my life right now and helped me work through blockages that have been holding me back without even realising it. Im grateful to have found her and cant wait to work with her again . She is magnificent soul and Im in awe of her. I have no doubt she will be teachingh me so much more about tis wonderful journey Im on. Brigette

I arrived anxious. Pain in my neck, shoulders and my breathing was deep in my chest. Your energy helped me more than I could have imagined. I relaxed, felt like a huge weight lifted from me. I felt happy and all the pain was gone. Emotionally and physically. You are truely exceptional. Your voice is soft and soothing . I closed my eyes for most of the session and felt in very safe hands. I felt energy tingle through my body and after the session you discussed with me what you were picking up. When I left I was in a completely different mindset from when I arrived. Thank you so much. Esther

Thank you for your wonderful presence, perceptive and gentle discussions and amazing reiki experience. I felt a real buzz and warmth during the session . This is my first expereince as you know , and I literally thought you were using a tool of some kind - Not just your hands over me which was extraordinary. You are truely magical. Rachael

The greatest thing you have done for me to help my depression and worry is to know that it’s alright to be happy and not to feel guilty . Also to know that things will be alright if you believe that there is help from angels or a stronger power . It seems that if you believe this it will certainly happen . This has changed my life and stopped every days worry and depression . Thank you Nicola . Judith

From my first session with Nicola it was apparent that she had a special gift for this type of work. I saw Nicola over a period of a year and during this time she helped me on my healing journey enormously. I found her to be incredibly intuitive with her insights and guidance and I always felt a sense of empowerment and peace after our sessions. Nicola was very generous with her time and was always available to chat by email in between sessions if need be. I can´t recommend her highly enough.


Nicola is an extraordinary natural-born healer. A session with her is a powerful experience of stress relief and spiritual transformation. Nicola helped to release the physical and psychological damage that I felt from a recent trauma.  Nicola is very gentle and kind and truly listens. She has opened my eyes and my heart to the mind-body-spirit connection and the extraordinary power of energies. Today, five months have passed and I feel awakened, grounded, at peace and empowered with my spiritual side. I strongly recommend the Reiki work with Nicola if you need help with pain or issues that you can’t let go of. She is amazing and I am eternally grateful to her. She is truly gifted.

Victoria N

Yoga at Home

Everything available online

Counselling : 2 hour introductory session ( can incl healing)


Follow up Counselling 

£ 65 in one off sessions or £ 50 for block bookings

Usui Reiki/ Distance Reiki

£ 45 (45/60 mins )

Usui Reiki/Distance Reiki extended

£55  ( 90/120 mins )

Advanced Energy Analysis: 

£ 50

Spiritual Development / Tuition:  

Per hour:  

£ 45

Online Meditation/Discussion group  once a month £20

Personalised audio chakra balancing Visualisation meditation

£ 20


If you are having financial difficulties please make me aware so we can come to an arrangement  regarding Fees and payment 🙏 


If I have met you through:

Macmillan Supportive Care/Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust I will offer you a discounted Fee