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Three in One. Enjoy the complete package for the price of one: Mind Body and spirit 🙏

I will meditate for 30 minutes before our appointment and access the akashic records.
We will start our appointment with Preliminary discussion about your general health and well being including any intuitive information I may have received about you for aprox 1or 2 hours ( I will continue with discussions for as long as is needed for you)

30 minute distance reiki . Followed up with discussion about the reiki and any insights I have received

Please ask about the personalised visualisation meditation for chakra balancing

If you wish to modify this offer in any way please let me know


Treatment Options

Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Reiki Treatment
A Tower of Stones

Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki Distance Healing

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Development

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Reiki Treatment

Advanced Energy Analysis

Personalised audio chakra healing visualisation meditation

Session Notes


Treatment Description

I’m a certified Reiki Master specialising in energy healing, Holistic counselling and Spiritual development.


Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki may only be given by a practitioner who has received their teachings and attunments from a Reiki Master who's lineage can be traced back to the Original Master; Mikao Usui .

Reiki is a Japanese technique administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us. 

It is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that anyone can benefit from and is an excellent addition to other medical or therapeutic techniques, or simply on its own for a sense of well being.

My role, is to provide a clear, surrendered, unconditionally-loving conduit through which this transforming energy can pass into the person to be healed. 

Patients each have unique experiences but all say they feel relaxed and renewed after each session.

I tailor your session to work on your specific goals and needs.

Please review testimonials to obtain a better insight into how each clients experience is totally unique.

Usui  Reiki Distance Healing

In Usui Reiki Distance Healing the practitioner uses mental commands and signs to direct the Reiki energy to the client's body, aura and mind. 

I will provide distance Reiki if a client is unable to attend a session in person, although this is not many clients preferred method of receiving reiki it is highly effective.

A time for the session is arranged. The client confirms on the day at the agreed time via Skype and treatment commences. 

All physical reality is made up of vibrations of energy; even your thoughts are vibrations of energy. While it sounds like a concept or theory, this is a new reality that quantum physics has revealed to us. Your thoughts have a powerful influence on your life. As such In Reiki the physical presence of the client is not required. Simply the energetic connection.

Spiritual Counselling 

In Spiritual Counselling the emphasis is on wholeness, dealing with the whole person, assisting you with inner balance and integration of all the dimensions of Self.  It focuses on individual experiences and reality. As such the sessions are non-prescriptive and are individually tailored.

I am not a counsellor as defined by the medical profession and I have no degree or qualifications in psychology or psychiatry .

Spiritual Counselling from me incorporates my ability to listen to the client on more than one level, thereby assisting them in the balancing of mind, body and spirit. 

It is essentially a journey of discovery, within which to move forward, ultimately creating a better balance for the mind, body and spirit. This should initiate a platform for progress towards the healing process, revealing choices or pathways you might not otherwise have considered.

Please look at my client testimonials to help you gain a better understanding of how I work

Spiritual Development

Spiritual awakening can be a frustrating business and finding someone to talk to about it can also be a challenge. Many people have deep routed opinions or just find it all too weird and scary. We all start out as seekers and grapple around in the dark trying to find that place of peace and understanding which sometimes seems so illusive, but once you start looking, rest assured you will discover that the answers you were looking for were right there in front of you, you just chose not to be aware of them.

Each of us will ultimately find our way and each of us will have a Unique experience.

The spiritual journey can be blissful and awakening, but it may also be hard work, occasionally scary and lonely.

Anyone may have a spiritual experience, but self-realisation is a different matter. Spiritual development occurs more successfully, when the Ego identity is strong enough to take a little disorientation. One’s understanding and meaning of one’s life is reliant on the presence of Ego. If the Ego is not strong and does not hold the person in a healthy reality; the spiritual opening may then result in fragmentation. A healthy Ego arises from the healing and integration of past traumas and of Self-Realisation/ Self-Awareness. 

If you are looking for guidance, or simply suggestions on books, workshops or direction, or just need someone to talk to, because nobody else seems to understand. I  am happy to share what I have learnt on my personal journey. I will also refer you to others who may be able to help you if you are looking for something I am unable to assist you with.

Advanced Energy Analysis 

Personalised audio chakra healing visualisation

Session Notes

I chose to call my practice Ikigai as I spent three years of my childhood in Japan and have a fondness for their culture and because through Reiki I have found my Ikigai (A reason to live). Before my spiritual awakening I felt that life had literally lost its colour and beauty. The following photos I have taken in a sense represent how much the colour has returned to my life. I hope you enjoy them 🙏


Axford, Basingstoke, UK

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