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I am so grateful to Nicola for her help. Three months ago I felt that I had no reason to live. I feel like a different person now. I even feel happy sometimes. Looking forward to the future


On my first visit to Nicola it was obvious that she had great insight. She immediately saw a side of me that over the years I had kept well hidden - A lack of self belief and confidence that only she and I knew about. I always look forward to seeing her and learning about the tools i can use to create a deeper understanding of myself and how I can move forward. i am very grateful to the friend who first told me about Nicola and look forward to this exciting journey

I have experienced Reiki energy healing with Nicola on several occasions at times when I was in need of spiritual comfort and energy balancing.  I felt the sessions were deeply relaxing, transformative, and that my energy blocks were being activated and cleared on different levels.  I saw colours and felt healing energy flowing through me.  I felt very trusting and comfortable with Nicola who has natural, intuitive healing abilities, and I believe has a real gift for channeling healing energy.  She sometimes receives information and images through her healing channels which she shares after the session, which I found insightful.  Her healing room has a beautiful calming energy and I love the use of crystal energy.  I felt lighter and more relaxed after healing sessions with Nicola.

Victoria Webb

Nicola shares an amazing gift and talent through Reiki and guidance that she brings during her very individual and special treatments. You will benefit greatly from the healing but also the spiritual knowledge you are given. Thank you from my heart Nicola for my healing and especially the insights you have given me today


I was surprised by the colours and light that I saw during my session with Nicola and had a buzzing sensation through my body, It also felt as if she had more than one pair of hands placed on my body at anyone time. I also had a sensation of my body rising particularly my arms. I felt very happy and energised afterwards. Thank you


My first session with Nicola was a very special experience! I felt totally at ease in her company even if I didn’t know exactly what to expect from our session. But she talked me clearly through what Nicola could offer me and what the plan was for our time together before we began. I felt so relaxed and at ease that I was totally open to whatever treatment or combination of treatments she felt appropriate, in combination with the Reiki. Nicola has an unquestionable gift and I felt privileged to be receiving her wisdom, psychic insights, teaching and healing as well as the encouragement and guidance for my spiritual journey which I had started some years ago but which received a huge boost through Nicola’s input during my session and follow-up contact. My 19 year old daughter is also now benefitting from Nicola’s gifts and guidance.


My lasting memory of REIKI sessions with Nicola is one of total relaxation. I may have even been asleep. There was a sensation of heat in her palms, especially from my head though she was not actually touching me. For many hours afterwards I felt very serene 

During visualisation.  I felt I was physically in the story. In my case I went into a painting I saw daily as a child and crossed a body of water until landing at an island. This too was most relaxing and it took several minutes to fully come back from the visualisation. 


I remember feeling unsurprised when Nicola described a woman was making her presence known and showing her a lot of beautiful Iris's although I briefly felt a physical chill I didn’t feel emotionally chilled. I felt warm and loved.  My mother in law was called Iris and was a lovely and much loved woman - not always the easiest but I know she treasured the very happy marriage between her much loved eldest son and me.  Having lost 2 or 3 babies before he was born and survived.  When you saw her/felt a presence and you told me what you saw I instinctively knew it was her.  I was very happy you shared her presence with me and felt warm, loved and her approval.


Nicola has a wonderful calm aura about her and I would highly recommend you to have a treatment with her.  She will help you to find your inner self and give you strength and belief.


Nicola has a calming energy about her whenever she walks into a room. I felt very relaxed and immediately opened up and was able to discuss some difficult emotions I was having. Her spiritual approach was soothing and made much more sense of things and gave me ways to deal with things going forward. I highly recommend Nicola if you just need some guidance or for some spiritual healing. She is amazing. 



I remember the feeling I had while talking to you that you “saw” things on a very sensitive level and also that you  ” felt” things in a way that  ‘normal’  people simply can’t! A very special person you are!


Nicola was extreemly helpful to me at a time when I was struggling with the loss of a good friend.  She was able to connect with his sprit.  Amazingly, she was able to tell me details of his life that even I didn’t know.  I was able to confirm these details with his family later. With her gentle guideance and healing energy, she helped me overcome my deep sadness regarding the unknown.


Nicola is an active listener. She is very still, calm and reassuring. Without apparently doing anything she can draw you out in a serene and relaxing fashion, leaving you soothed and feeling better than when you started.


Reiki with Nicola is a truly extraordinary experience. From her calming, soothing voice during the treatment to her powerful and insightful inner thoughts and observations, she is truly gifted leaving one with feelings of peace, tranquillity and contentment.


I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed with Nicola. So relaxed that I fell asleep halfway through my treatment. The morning after the first reiki treatment my troubling neck pain was completely gone. And after the second treatment my headache was gone immediately and I felt calm and happy and a lot more relaxed than I did before. It was a very calm and happy experience.


I am naturally a bit of a sceptic when it comes to alternative therapy, but am convinced that the positive energy and deep listening skills Nicola combines in her treatments had a beneficial effect. I came away feeling very relaxed and ‘put back together’ - stronger and ready to face the world again after a close bereavement. Thank you Nicola - I’d strongly recommend you.


Customer Reviews

Thank you so much for helping me. You told me what you saw during the reiki sessions and not to worry because you could see what I desired was already happening and that all I needed to do is stop wanting and be grateful for what I desired before it happened and miracle of miracles you were right. Six weeks later hey presto it was all sorted .Thank you so much for your beautiful positive energy


Thank you so much for putting me at ease and explaining things to me so clearly. I understand so much better now what is happening to me and am looking forward to seeing how my spiritual journey continues rather than being afraid. Everything seems much clearer now. Looking forward to our next spiritual chat


A friend suggested I see Nicola. I was a bit sceptical but her insight was amazing and she immediately made me feel calm and at ease. Although I still have to deal with my problems I came away feeling more confident about the future and armed with a few techniques and tools to help me stay positive. I will definitely be back for another counselling session.


I cannot really put into words my session with Nicola ...  but it changed my outlook on life.  She was gentle, explained everything she was doing, pin-pointed my pains without me telling her beforehand and I left her feeling happy and calm. If I didn't live in Spain I would go to her weekly, if she would have me!!


Having no prior knowledge of Reiki, I had no idea what to expect.  Nicola immediately put me at my ease and explained how Reiki works.  The whole experience was wonderfully relaxing and uplifting and Nicola's insights afterwards were incredibly insightful and enlightening.


It was a truly amazing session with Nicola. I felt as though I was floating above my body in total relaxation. I had a warm feeling radiating through my body and my muscles relaxing. I had feelings of love and felt close relatives holding my hands. It was a wonderful state. After the session she suggested relaxation techniques which I still use successfully. She also described images she had felt during the session which she would not have known about me, without her abilities. These helped to explain a couple of concerns I'd obviously been worried about and which needed to be focussed on and sorted out. Afterwards I felt as though I was floating on air with a true feeling of happiness. A really wonderful experience.



I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me over the past 

three and half years. Before meeting you I was in a lot of pain. Due to 

the cartilage in my hip joints being worn away and my mind trying to cope.

With my own meditation and yoga, the pain was alleviated somewhat.

On listening to your advice and thoughts on the bodies aura’s along

 with the bodies lay lines. This intrigued me into finding out more information.

 I was not sceptical, because my yoga, meditation, mind states are very similar.

Subsequent meeting’s with yourself and discussing these, led to some treatment

on my bodies aura.

The first healing session was absolutely wonderful. All the waves and tingling,

 of the realigning, of your bodies energies, felt as though all the blocked lines just eased all the pain away.

An analogy is probably the best way of describing the feelings I felt.

It’s like turning your hosepipe on and it does not work because of the kink in the pipe. Then as you straighten the kink out water just flows without restriction or hindrance.

This feeling is truly awesome, just a warm glow flows everywhere.

This helps not only your mind but also your body to cope with, in my case hip

joints’, alleviating pain and unclogs your mind. Which allows you to get on with life?

The whole experience is down to your help . So a very big thank you

is in order. Thank you so much. I will be recommending you to other people.


Our session yesterday was fascinating and revealing on many levels and I felt I received, through your work, a giant 'thumbs up' from the 'Universe' that I was on the right path. The fun/interesting part will be moving along that path while clearing away much of the undergrowth?!

What I found so encouraging and supportive was the reminder that I can trust my intuition.

Many thanks Nicola! I look forward to more healing in the future.




Dear Nicola 

As a fellow energy worker I am very cautious who I allow to work with my energy field. Any concern on my part was put aside during our chat at the beginning. You are highly intuitive, empathetic and are working from a place of deep alignment and integrity. Your transmission is authentic and genuine and comes from a place of love and light. My experience was one of great shifts energetically as well as one providing huge insight. This insight was multifaceted as it came from your empathetic instincts as well as from the ability to be a channeller of higher energies. The insights given both to the energetic complexity of day to day situations as well as great spiritual insight was profound. We covered more than I can ever have imagined in one session. 

Furthermore, I felt safe and comfortable at all times.I am so blessed to have met you. 

With deepest gratitude and thanks


I met Nicola recently for a Reiki session and I really had no idea what to expect. Nicola used her extraordinary talent and empathy to create a session that was not only very relaxing, but I was really surprised by just how much insight and clarity she was able to provide. Thank you for such a supportive and powerful session.

I am so  grateful   to Nicola for her help. Three months ago I felt that I had no reason to live. I feel like a different person now I even feel happy sometimes. Looking forward to the future Mary. 


Customer Reviews


I arrived anxious and with pain in my neck, shoulders and my breathing was deep in my chest. Your energy helped me more than I could ever imagine. i relaxed, felt like a huge weight lifted from me. I felt happy and all the pain was gone. Emotionally and physiclaly. you are truely exceptional. Your voice is soft and soothing. I closed my eyes for most of the session and felt in very safe hands. I felt you are a wonderful healer. After the session you discussed what you felt and spent a great deal of timeon spiritual discussion. When i got up from the reiki table it was as if I was in a completely different mind set than when I first started. Thank you very much you have a special gift.


Nicola shares an amazing gift and talent through Reiki and guidence that she brings during very individual and special treatments. You will benefit greatly from the healing but also the spiritual knowledge you are given. Thank you from my heart Nicola for my healing and especially the insights you have given me today. Love and light


Thank you Nicola, I had an amazing experience with you and your energy. You are a truely beautiful soul and I look forward to seeing you again for healing and spiritual discussion which for me was insightful and wonderful. thank you for this afternoon. Love and Light


Hi Nicola a massive THANKYOU for today. I really feel that you were sent to me as I had such a strong feeling when we meet at the meeting I needed to see you. I Really feel a shift in myself and will do everything you suggested.  

Nicola is definately the best Reiki and energy healer I have come across.  She is welcoming, professional and worked so hard to help me move forward spiritually.  You will definately be in safe hands! I would recommend her 100 per cent! She is amazing !
Thankyou again Nicola you truly are a gifted lady! X🙏🙏🙏🙏💐💐💐💐


I would describe Nicola as an active listener. She is very still, calm and reassuring. Without apparently doing anything she can draw you out in a serene and relaxing fashion, leaving you soothed and feeling better than when you started.




If you have the time to email me your thoughts about your treatment I would be very grateful as it offers clients an insight into the sort of experience they may expect.

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