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My little Coincidences

There are no accidents


A Messenger ?

It was a complicated time in my life. I had been placed in a position of balancing the needs of the many within the extended family unit. Not least of all because over a period of five months, I had a full house, which included some additional personalities within the home and this was causing some strain amongst certain individuals. I had embarked over the months on a ritual of dog walking and meditation to make sure I was compassionate and as unconditionally loving as humanly possible. In reality, I was trying not to loose my patience and scream at the lot of them. On one morning I had achieved a perfect place of peace after having meditated, reestablishing my equilibrium rather than having an argument. I came downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee and was frankly congratulating myself on my renewed composure, when I noticed a partridge practically throwing itself at the window. I watched it rather startled, thinking how silly it was being and that it might hurt itself, when it suddenly stopped and just stared in at the window. In that instant I had that knowing feeling. ( some of you will understand what I mean by that) This was not an ordinary circumstance and I knew that when I opened my front door the partridge would not run away. I opened the door and sat on my front porch in the sunshine, that funny little bird came running up to me. He snuggled down, looked up at me, blinked and then shut its eyes. We sat there in the sunshine peacefully for fifteen minutes, until finally I went inside to find some food for it.

The next day I questioned what had happened, concluding that I must have been imagining things. Surely someone else must have been feeding this bird until it had become tame. However the bird never returned.

Several years later my husband sadly had a minor heart attack. He was in hospital for three days. After visiting him in hospital on the first day, I went to pick up my eldest son from the pub where he was working. It was late and the country lanes were dimly lit by the moon. As I came round a bend, I noticed a partridge in the middle of the road. I put on my hazard lights, stepped out into the night and picked up the bird to check if it was hurt. After a couple of seconds it opened its eyes startled, then flew away. This strange occurrence happened again the second evening, but on the third when my husband returned home there was no partridge.

This has not happened to me since.

Message or coincidence?


Doe a Deer a female Deer .....

About a year ago I saw something on facebook which I loved. It was a small video clip of a Swedish woman called: Joanna Jinton, she demonstrates Kulning - ancient Swedish herding call: She is not only beautiful but has the most magical voice. 

On my walks I often sense when the deer are near. I love them they are so serene and majestic. Anyway, being rather imaginative, I sometimes fancy myself as Joanna Jinton, beautiful and magical calling the animals to me like Cinderella. So I have tried Kulning. However, I sound more like a strangled cat than Joanna Jinton, and when the deer hear me they stop and stare at me like the mad woman I probably am. I only practice it on this one walk, which is my favourite as there is rarely anyone else there. However to my horror, there was one incidence when a lone jogger came over a hill in the distance and I am certain must have spotted/ heard me squawking to the animals. I was so embarrassed! I immediately jumped into the hedges with my dog hoping she hadn't spotted me. 

I have in the past struggled like many of us at times with my relationship with my parents. But with challenges, lessons are learnt of unconditional love, forgiveness, patience and understanding. We are all capable of creating a better reality, now and in this present moment. When we do this, something magical can happen. 

My Father started to ask to come with me on a few Dog walks when visiting. It was during these walks that we started to have some very pleasant conversations together, and these discussions brought about a discovery for me that my father had a side to him that may have eluded me in the past.

On the second of these walks together, we had in fact just simply been enjoying watching the dog happily sniffing and running around while we took in deep breaths of fresh cold air mixed with golden sunshine, rather than actually talking together. Suddenly I decided to demonstrate my ludicrous talent of Kulning , or perhaps not, to my Dad. We were laughing and he said that I was bonkers and probably more likely to frighten the deer away.

I started walking in front of him down the hill, still smiling and thinking about my Father in this moment, and feeling a warmth and love towards him which I was enjoying acknowledging. I felt extremely happy and grateful for that moment and put a little prayer up saying how I wished to make the walk special for my dad who lives in London. I wanted to show him the Deer. Then I thought to myself how silly of me to ask for such a thing, with so many terrible things going on in the world and I turned to smile at my Father. At that moment three deer walked from out of the hedges across the field . How Blessed I felt to feel not only my Fathers love that day but Gods too.

Happy coincidence

iphone2 2111.JPG


I had booked our car in for its MOT. 

It was before Christmas and with a full house over the holidays I had a million things to achieve before all the relatives descended. I decided to take a book called“ The Truth eternal “ to read while I waited. 

On the drive to the garage I listened to some Inspiring Talks particularly focused on patience. ( coincidence ? )

As I sat waiting for my MOT I commenced reading from where I had last left off.  The chapters on “Mind Power”. “ Is there security in life “ “ Don’t chase your tail chase God”. After a good while, the mechanic came through and said the car had failed its MOT because the front left tyre had a puckered tear in it, which could blow the tyre at any moment. This was extremely upsetting because we had just replaced all four tyres 3 weeks earlier.

Needless to say a couple of changing breaths later and thoughts of reflection regarding the chapters I had just read. I resolved that this was a positive, because the next day my husband had to drive to Devon and he could have had a nasty accident, so we were lucky it had been spotted and equally had not blown the tyre earlier. 

The chap said he would ring up for a tyre and that if they could get it over in the next 2 hours he would fit it and pass the car for its MOT. “ Patience “ I thought and I went on to read “Is Divorce wrong” This was a particularly interesting chapter.

The gentleman returned and said his supplier had no tyres. I took some changing breaths again! and resolved to accept the situation and think calmly about my options. I decided to call Kwik fit who I have used before, then I drove slowly over to them as they informed me they had a tyre. The man at the garage thankfully assured me he would pass the MOT as soon as I returned as long as it was before 5 PM.

When I arrived at Kwik Fit the car park was fit for busting and there was one young man looking very frazzled. I have never seen it so busy in there. I went in and he told me I would have to wait at least three hours as he was on his own that day! He had an unusual amount of customers. I had a brief panic attack, calmed myself down. Decided not to resist the situation and confirmed to myself that for whatever reason I would not be able to do the things I needed to that day, or even perhaps get the MOT sorted. I decided to Accept my dilemma and hope that the reason I needed to sit down and wait was because I was supposed to have a learning day and read my book. I opened the book and chuckled. “Prayer and its outcome” smiled sweetly up at me from the pages. So I read and then I prayed. 

“Dearest Divine. If I am here today to learn and read this book to help me with my patience, then I gratefully accept the opportunity, however, if it is in my interests and the young mans working here today, for me to be popped to the front of the queue so I may learn about the power of prayer, faith and being humble, please could you arrange this. I then continued to read my book and let all thoughts of the current situation pass from me to the Divine. I was miraculously already happy with whatever outcome would arise.

YES you guessed it! Within seconds that lovely young man came back into the waiting area and said. “ You know what I can't possibly have you waiting here all afternoon I am going to do your car first it won't take me long " Well he was a little surprised by my sheer joy and gratitude. I wished him with all my heart many blessings. 

My nightmare day had transformed into one that filled me with joy, everyone had been so kind and helpful.  God not only had a sense of humour, but was right there with me. Wonderful wonderment !!

Bright as a Button

Tailor's Tools

I drive my family mad with my delight at finding parking spaces exactly where I want them and in my general positive attitude that there are no accidents in life only synchronicity but even they had to admit this was a good one!

We had arrived in Spain for our family holiday and unpacked the suit cases when my husband let out an annoyed sigh and declared that the brand new navy shorts he had bought appeared to have lost the button.

The next morning we trundled off to the giant supermarket in town to stock up supplies for the holiday. We looked every where for a button but not even a needle and thread was to be found. The following day we tried some more shops in the local village but for some extraordinary reason no one seemed to sell buttons. That afternoon I thought if I can get myself the perfect parking spot I can manifest a button for my hubby. I popped up my prayer:

" Thank you for the Blue button that my husband needs for his shorts." I then visualised it and let the thought go.

The next afternoon after we had returned from a day at the beach, I took our sons off to the main hotel to buy the three of us a little drink and a bit of people watching. I parked the car in the little parking area and then off we trotted up the stairs to the little bar and restaurant. There on the fourth step up was a little plastic packet with a brand new navy blue button the perfect size for my husbands shorts. I squealed like a delighted child brandishing my treasure in my hand and waving it triumphantly at my two rather bemused adult sons.  They clasped their faces in pretence of utter disbelief and wailed at me saying:" Noooooo ! Please no. Not your infuriating angels again!! "

I smirked triumphantly as I trotted up to the bar contemplating that a celebratory glass of rose in lieu of a coffee might be in order.

What joy that little coincidence brought me that day. My husband was pretty chuffed too!

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