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Updated: Oct 4, 2018

I have come to realise that as much as love is the key to the spirit we can only truly find unconditional love and connect with our higher selves if we conquer our fear. Fear prevents us from being truly free. Fear prevents us from being at peace and from BEING.

Once when taking my dog for a walk it began to pour with rain and then as it softened into a haze of showers the sun came out and transformed the grey darkness into a sparkling landscape of glistening trees and grass luminous as only that type of weather can create. Such a lush vibrant and amazing vista enhanced by the beauty of a majestic rainbow transcending the heavens with its amazing light and colour . A sight that still fills me with child like wonder.

As the raindrops hit my skin I suddenly realised that if this had been my first experience of rain and a brooding sky without explanation or education I may very well have felt as “Chicken little” did and wonder with horror if the sky was falling. I may have been very afraid . Fear is what protects us in this world but it can also paralyse us and prevent us from seeing reality. The expression “fear of the unknown” strikes a chord in the heart of everyone , but there are a very few who are brave enough to question what seems to be a reality and this is how progress comes about. How many original facts and beliefs throughout history now seem ridiculous.

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