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Gratitude allows Joy

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Most of us spend a life time searching for something when we have it all the time. What we are looking for is the Creators light within us. When you switch that light on you realise that even eating a piece of broccoli, smelling a fragrant flower or being able to see the colours of the rainbow can bring more joy than you ever thought possible because you are truly grateful for it and appreciate it, therefore your awareness allows you to experience it from a higher level, rather than wanting something more or better or just simply not being totally present in that moment. How lucky for those of us that can, taste, smell, hear, see ,walk or be healthy when others are not . How lucky not to be hungry or thirsty, sick, or in pain and how lucky to be able to make someone happy in a world where there can be so much pain. There is Joy in everything but we only open our eyes to its beauty by BEING totally present and grateful.

In our house when we were young parents, our boiler kept breaking down and we often had no hot water over the 13 years that we lived there. Hot showers have consequently became one of my most favourite things and I am still grateful every time the shower runs with hot water. I am also extremely grateful for both my sons not least because we nearly lost both of them . One to Influenza and one before he even arrived on this earth. I have now learnt though that being grateful can be a state of constant being rather than as a result of potentially not having or having. Gratitude is the gift of accepting the beauty of the opportunity of life itself. Both physical and more importantly spiritually.

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